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Lay Leadership

In the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A), local churches are governed by a group of lay individuals called and ordained as Ruler Elders and known as the Session. The Session is responsible for governing the congregation and guiding its witness to the sovereign activity of God in the world so that the congregation is and becomes a community of faith, hope, love and witness. In seeking to help the congregation be and become this community, the Session has an important role as it engages in prayerful discernment and attends to how God's Spirit may be at work in the congregation and in the broader community. Along these lines, it is recognized that the ruling elders are provided with particular gifts to share in discernment of God's Spirit and governance of God's people and that together with Teaching Elders, exercise leadership, government, spiritual discernment and discipline and have responsibilities for the life a congregation as well as the whole church.


The ministry of Deacon, as set forth in Scripture, is one of compassion, witness, and service, sharing in the redeeming love of Jesus Christ for the poor, the hungry, the sick, the lost, the friendless, the oppressed, those burdened by unjust policies or structures, or anyone in distress. Persons of spiritual character, honest repute, exemplary lives, brotherly and sisterly love, sincere compassion, and sound judgment should be chosen for this ministry.

Ruling Elders (Session)


Anne Guess - Children and Family Ministry

Mary Lou Stergios - Youth and Family Ministry

Mike McKay - Adult Ministry

Mary Ellen Weyerman - Connecting and Caring Ministry

Martha Ripley - Connecting and Caring Ministry

Andy Commons - Worship Ministry

Mike Robinson - Missions Ministry

Erin Steele - Missions Ministry

Lydia Hess - Worship Ministry

Jack Chambers - Resources Ministry

Tom Mateer - Communications Ministry

Audrey Peterson - Clerk of Session



Tammi Allison

Sean Barry

Monty Brekke

Mickey Smotherman

Fred Weldon

Mike Fussell

Irene Smith

Mary Barnett

Judy Gilman

Jan Hanson

Roy Miller

Ann Sharkey

Walter Congdon

Joy McKay

Kathy Baker

Marsha Carlson

Cathy Johnson

Helen Kelly

Julie Bowman

Rhonda Colson

Kathie Dove

Sharon Gehl


Bob Schurr - Parish Associate

Ken Colson - Choir Director

Rhonda Colson - Pianist

Barbara Simon - Organist

Tomi Kent - Bell Choir Director

Becky Kress - Church Business Manager

Gary Harnist - Facility Steward