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Casas por Cristo



FPC Missoula's first mission trip as a congregational grew out of the campaign to finance the fellowship hall.


The Fellowship Hall committee decided to establish a mission fund along with the building fund. The main criteria for FPC Missoula's first international mission trip was that it be a "mud on our boots" project. Don Harbaugh’s brother Gene, a Presbyterian pastor in New Mexico, mentioned the Casas por Cristo program. Not wanting to lead a group without some insight into the experience, Don and Donna Harbaugh accompanied Gene’s congregational trip in 2001 and were greatly impacted by the experience, the ingenuity of the Casas people and the involvement of the Juarez churches.


In February 2002, FPC Missoula's first Casas por Cristo mission trip, with funding from the capital campaign and the willingness of the volunteers to finance all personal costs for travel and food, helped build an addition to an existing home. This mission has been growing since then, with approximately 25-40 individuals participating on any given trip.


Serving Across the Globe

Nakuru 3:16

In 2007, FPC Missoula member Dan Cripe’s vision and collaboration with Zablon Kuria of RockBridge Ministries led to the creation of a daycenter, a live in shelter and training center. Thirty women and children are in residence at this center, from which the children are driven to school and the women remain for college courses.

In July 2011, FPC Missoula sent a team of 17 volunteers to spend 12 days in Kenya at Nakura 3:16, where they found the hand of God and the hand of hope, amidst the crushing poverty, AIDS, drugs, prostitution and despair. In 2012, for her senior project, FPC Missoula member Katie McKay held an auction that raised $22,000 plus matching funds to benefit Nakuru 3:16. These funds were used to pay down the mortgage on the shelter.